Some women are so damn stupid

I once had an apartment with two guys. One of them had a brother who had just returned home from the service. The brother was a PCP addict.

This lunatic met and started dating and going steady with a girl he met at his parents apartment complex. The woman had a daughter from a previous marriage. They had s** on a regular basis.

In the meantime the PCP addict was already married. She had moved out on him because he wasn't contributing to her support just playing around enjoying his PCP and pot and beer.

I literally could not stand this guy. I have to admit though even though he was skinny and all of his teeth were rotten he had no problems finding a girl to have s** with.

One day his wife called him and said she wanted him to come back to her. She said she missed him.

To make a long story short after a night long s** session with his girlfriend he left to be with his wife without telling her what he planned to do.

Predictably his wife grew tired of him laying around all gowed up on dope and kicked him out again. He went back to his old girlfriend.

At first she cussed him out and told him to leave her alone or she would go to the police.

Unbelieveably she eventually forgave him.

At this point my lease was up and I didn't see this maniac for three years. He had apparently divorced his first wife and had left his girlfriend to marry another woman. His new wife was apparently a drug addict like her new hubby.

Ok in the meantime his first wife wanted him back and he divorced his second wife and went back to her.

He got a job with the government cutting meat and retired. He got drunk and partied even though by now he had a daughter to support.

His first wife left him for good this time.

My question is this. Why are woman so attached to scum like this?

MY confession is this. I hate low life sub human scum like this. I feel they should all be gathered up in one spot and shot.

Mar 30, 2015

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  • Totally agree

  • This is so complicated

  • You f***** him, didn't you? Be honest, it's anonymous.

  • The girls most likely have no self esteem.

    I must say though I don't know how they got past the rotten teeth - ew!

    I also agree with you that I hate cretins like that ahole, and I hat even more when they are able to get govt benefits for being drug addicts :/

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