Told them i wont take crap anymore from anyone

I don't know how this happened but i ended up getting a crush and falling for my gyno, there was this big dispute just cuz i rang him on his mobile and left a few texts when i was seriously sick he was making out he cared and could fit me in an emergency appointment and over xmas i was so sick with serotonin dropping and bizarre things happening to my body from heart and chest pain to stroke like feelings and wet brain disorder, periods running like a tap just pouring out of my body non stop and it felt like i could not stop peeing or pooping also, i rang paramedics and the girl stayed on the phone with me the whole time one night after i got back from the hospital i had to go again i was slurring my words and seriously worried something was wrong til the paramedics got to the door i knew something was wrong... not sure if it was a result of my medications or a real stroke... or due to serotonin or meningitis etc from a middle ear infection.

my gynos receptions were a pack of b****** and said they would get legal action against me over what? just cuz i left a few texts ... for help????

anyway now i am pretending not to love him... he spoilt it or his receptionists did... he has not said a word to me... i can't go back now. i have to look nasty but caring.

so i wrote a letter apologizing and then they got nastier, other doctors and paramedics started abusing me so i wrote to a heap of newspapers all over the world from here to there and reported them to places and told them to spy on them and then i reported it to the health minister and got legal advice also and then also reported my neighbors to heaps of places like minsters and etc... telling them i had been stalked and abused by neighbors abusing me and told the royal commission as well....

I can play nasty too B******!!!!!

there is an eye in the sky that is dealing with fools .... like the song eye in the sky ... watching you all now ... its the best thing that ever happened to me and i thought you might like it.

i don't know if i am getting any better it feels like i have been sick on and off for a while, and old car accident injuries are giving me h*** as much and all the child s** abuse i endured and the rape...

i hope they all get raped by some fat old smelly drunk for 16 hours plus 16 days and 16 months and 16 years .... see how they like it!!!!

he just was such a fake i can't believed this d*** made me fall for his charm... i thought he cared ... he made it sound like he cared to keep some emergency appointment ...

i still like him but i feel like i can't trust anyone...

if only i could get to the german man ... i met. if only i could find my love, my dearest holmes and russian man and enric (don't let me down! that day in the pool when were kids was not my fault you were sick with an ear infection and weren't supposed to be swimming and we were just dumb kids doing dumb stuff don't hold it against me forever... i never stopped loving you... ).... so i can have some friends of my own all the ones william, ricky and jason stole from me....i never stopped loving them like a good friend would ... its them who have let me down... husbandless, isolated once again, fearing for my health and life.

i am sick of always being the one left out ... left behind, ignored and abused...

i want my own identity ... I still love diana for good or for worse i always will...

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  • You realise you come across as totally batshit crazy, right?

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