Wet Panties

I am a 55 year old widow and I've not had s** for over 10 years. I needed some building work done one time and called in buiders to do the job. I had to leave them in my house when I went to work. They would be here all week. After the first day I found my dirty washing basket in the bathroom had been disturbed. When I examined my pantygirdle I found s**** in the gusset. This excited me so much that my knickers were soaking wet. I had to m********* and I did so as I tasted the s****. I looked further and found a pair of my c** soaked tights in the basket. I wondered which one of the 3 builders was a naughty boy. I decided to take the next day off to find out. I closely watched who would use the bathroom and then went in to see if anything was disturbed in the basket. I left a very soiled pair of black knickers in the basket and waited. It turned out to be the younger of the builders as his c** was all over the gusset of my black knickers after he used the bathroom. The pantygirdle I was wearing was soaking wet with excitement. I now have a plan to have my wicked way with this boy sometime that week when I confront him but that's another story.

Apr 6, 2015

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  • !ole. Mike. 940/442.7912

  • Yes, talk to him alone. I am sure he will confess about what he did and then ask him to show his c*** - hard c***. Stroke it to pre-c** flow and give him a good bj. He will be yours to f*** - a young hard c*** is a great joy!

  • I'll put on silky panties for you

  • You should put those wet panties for sale on https://www.scentedpansy.com!!

  • I'll take a pair

  • I got caught once when I went to a house to fix a boiler. The lady in the flat was about 70 years old and was wearing a short skirt. She was very plump with large t*** and big hips. I sniffed around her dirty knicker basket in the bathroom and was shooting my load in her corselette when she burst in and caught me red handed. She dragged me into her bedroom and ordered me to strip. She took off her dress and all she was wearing was a white corselette and dark tights. She made me get on the floor and she mouted me in a 69 position. My head was in her gusset and all I could smell was her pee and sweat whilst she sucked me off. before I cames in her mouth I managed to pull down her tights and unhook the gusset of her corselette so I could give her a good licking out. She was soaking wet. I came right away when I saw her crusty gusset flaps on her corselette. Also the deep skid marks on the back passage area. I licked her bottm clean.

  • If I caught this boy I would spank the s**** out of him and make him lick my wet c*** clean.

  • I want to be the young man u make lick ur wet p**** clean

  • You could send me your soiled knickers and I would return them covered in s****

  • Why haven't you been f***** for 10yrs, you are clearly up for it?

  • I'm 20yrs old and I did some gardening, for a neighbour last summer. It was jot so all I wore was shorts and one time I went to the bathroom, there was a d**** left on the side, I couldn't p***, as I had a h******. So I ad a w*** and spunked all over the d**** and left it on the side and went back to work.
    Jane the woman, was 60 with huge t***, 15min later, she was standing in the conservatory naked, licking the d****, the turned it on, lifted one of her t*** and teased her fat nipple. I had another h****** and went over to her. She knelt in front of me, got my c*** out and sucked my c***, I instantly spunked in her mouth and she swallowed my c**, she lay on a lounger, spread her legs and I licked her fat c*** till she c** spraying my face. I have been f****** her ever since.

  • Yes please, let us know when you bang this guy, i am sure he wants to get it in you

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