Obsessed with Black C***

I am 31 and have always liked women, but over the past three years I have had an obsession with fantasizing about being with a dominant black man.

I love the idea of being submissive to him and letting him have his way with me. I want him to totally own me as his bottom boy. When I m********* this is usually the only thing I think about. I don't know what's come over me but the idea of wearing girl clothes and having him spank and f*** me drive me insane.

I have been with another man only once and it wasn't a great experience. He was an older white man (I'm white as well) but it wasn't great.

No one has any clue about any of this as I have not told anyone. I'm not sure what to do. I have bought several black d***** and used them to great pleasure, but I end up throwing them away because I don't know if that's what I really want. But I guess it is, because I can't stop thinking about it and being put in the most kinky s** positions possible. Its even kinkier still that no one really knows that I secretly think about this a lot.

I do have a small p**** and its been hard to sexually satisfy a women, but it makes it even kinkier in the sense that I have the best o****** when I am using a d****. I love my prostrate stimulated and the thought of a dominant black lover driving me to o***** turns me on to no end.

I've had two relationships with women but that's it. I still see hot girls and think they're attractive but I'm just not as eager to pursue them anymore.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what to do. I'm definitely not ready for anyone to know this about me. I also dont want my a****** permantenly ruined by a large black c*** but it would just feel so f****** good.


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  • Lol not all of us whites want to be dominated by blacks. New world order my ass. Just a fantasy in your crazy mind.

  • This is becoming more common among Beta white boys who long to be desired by BBC just as their white sisters have learned. We will see more and more of this as blacks become more dominant and white boys become smaller and weaker. We already see a lot of "asexual" clothing and androgenist male models who more often than not become shemales, taking hormones and growing b*****. For you to desire this and dress as a woman to attract black men simply means you are following the new trend. There is much on this subject on the internet called "The New World Order" where Alpha blacks will dominate and most beta white boys will be sissified and compete to be as pretty as their sisters.

  • Have similar fantasies and look at bbc p*** a lot while I j*******

  • Go for it!

  • Well wtf man, just go for it.
    if you dont want anyone to know, just dont tell.

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