I Hate Mixed Race N*****

They stink of sh*T and their eyes look sh*t! It is like milk mixed with sh*t! They think they are beautiful and see themselves as light skinned, but they are really sh*t skinned. Their skin colours are like milk mixed with Sh*T! All mixed raced n***** should be BURNT to death! All mulatto's to be burnt, they are like a disease waiting to destroy the entire human population. Long live the white race that are not mixed race! Long live other races that are not of a mixed race. Those are the clean and whole race. They shall inherit the earth. The mixed race n**** race, the most ugly race and ethnicity in the world! N***** can cry and watch their Bi-racial children DIE! This world needs to be clean and be full of humans that are whole in blood. Mixed raced n***** are unclean and un whole. Bi-racial n***** are the start of H.iv, and Ebola in Africa. One day I am going to take knife and start killing all the mixed raced children in Africa. They spread disease. Long live the Races that are Whole!

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  • Eat s*** and die you slimy white maggot

  • I hate ghetto talk, sagging pants, Excuses for laziness and Liars, drug dealers, users, abusers of the system, people who blame cops when they commit crimes, then cry discrimination when they get arrested, unfortunately I have witnessed this in every race!

    It seems to be the New America my dream is to someday return to Ireland!

    I hope you find some peace too!

  • Your missing out. SOme of the greatest people I have ever nown were not caucasian. I've known greats blacks, great asians, great latinos and etc and every combination thereof.

    I once knew a golden skinned girl whose fther was half white and her mother was a blond haired boue eyed german woman. The girl was gorgeous like Zendaya.

    Your missing out big time.

  • if you really believe this tripe you will have to stop watching key & peele. they are both mixed race and they both have white mothers. thats just 2 minor examples. you are probably also a fan of other entertainers and dont even know that they are mixed race. ignorance is not bliss: its just ignorance.

  • Biracial children are a blessing to many couples and many single parents. When you don't know what you're talking about, you shouldn't offer an opinion. Or a rant.

  • Heil, Hitler...............you sick f***. Your thinking and your plan was already implemented and defeated.......in WWII. What you want will never come to pass. You're a lone wolf (and a very sick wolf), and you could put all the people who agree with you in a phone booth and still have room to dance.

  • Lol,u need to either go back to pre-school or get rid of yourself. Are you somewhere in Europe or Africa?You need so much educating that it will take decades and a brain replacement to get you to be human.

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