Missing him f*** me

I'm female, 22. I still remember how my exbf used to f*** me. He is a very adventurous guy, sometimes he would just pull me at the side of a street somewhere dark and started making out.He never failed to satisfy me during our s**, he has a huge d***, we always have s** whenever we have a chance, one time we are at a funeral, then he told me and my friends that he has to poo, so i accompany him, but when we get to the CR, he pulled me inside and started making out, he touched my b**** as if it is the first time his touching me, licked and sucked it, then we undressed and started thrusting, we always had s** without protection but he never come inside me except when i'm on my period. it was very delicious. sometimes when we are at the beach, there so many people, he slip his hand inside my panty and started to finger me, after that he get a pen and then he used it to put inside my p****, then we got h**** and he told me to sit in his lap and start making out. It was very thrilling. But now were separated and I wand him to f*** me again.

Apr 7, 2015

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