I can't stop getting h****

Im a 16 year old girl , my name is Corrine. I'm quite popular in school because I'm in the cheer squad and I am the Vice President of junior class. Everyone thinks I'm a nice girl and stuff, but I can't stop thinking about s** all day!!! I can't stop staring at a guys crotch, and I just get sooo h****. I go to the bathroom to m********* in lunch time. What can I do to lower my really high s** drive?

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  • Wow, actual good advice here... Corrine, nice girls think about s** too, some even think about it all day.

  • You sound like I was at 14. Mom bought me a silver bullet and I even wore it in me during school and when I got the chance I'd turn it on low and get relief. But beware if you do that, hide your feelings or everyone will know what you're doing. I never had a real earth shaking climax till I was a senior in high school and that was in a rest room and I was alone for it was during class.

  • Cool story bro!

  • At 16 that's really hard to do... It's just your hormones and body becoming active. Most girls like myself give in and find a nice boy to "use" as a friend with benefits. But if you were smart, smarter than I, you would find a toy, a nice web site you can watch or look at stuff you like, and go wild at night and try to get as much "fun" time in as you can. That's really all you can do to lower the drive, is feed it. Kinda weird but simple at the same time. Be safe! Don't do anything stupid!

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