F****** a Carer

I first met Barb's through an online chat site, not an adult one just a standard chat site. We got to meet and the conversation turned to s** upon which we realised we both liked adventurous risky s** and therefore a relationship commenced. I'm married and have a big nylon fetish.
Barb works as a carer for elderly people, looking after them in their homes, where she lives with them during her stint as their carer. She had a fantasy about being f***** in one of her "charges" homes as they slept.
One of her clients lives in a big mansion house and gives her a really hard time whilst she is working for her. So revenge was to be Barb's. We arranged an excuse for me to visit on a professional basis one evening.
I met Barb's by the kitchen entrance - yes the building has staff quarters etc! Once we were sure the Lady of the house was asleep the fun started.
I quickly stripped Barb's down to some tights outside of the clients bedroom door. The tights were the clients - stolen for the occasion. I then walked the almost naked Barb's through the house visiting all the rooms she had to work in and kissing and molesting her in each of the rooms
By now I could feel Barb's soaking wet p**** through her tights so I took her back into the family lounge, stripped off myself and fed my c*** into her greedy mouth.
I soon had her on all fours, ripped her tights off her and f***** her hard whilst her client slept blissfully unaware just yards away.
And the great thing about it...........
She wants me to do it again!!

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  • Wow, she sounds great. Do you fancy sharing her, I'm sure she would enjoy two men f****** her, getting s**** in her mouth and c***?

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