Rape of my gf

When im drunk, i get directly to the bathroom. I m********* on my gf. They are 6 indian workers working in a building near where i live. As indians are very famous for rape and torture, when i see them i automatically think of them raping and torturing my gf. So when i get drunk, i m********* thinking of those guys tying her hand, one put his underwear in her mouth, one on her face. Then they throw her to the ground beating. Then at the same time everybody takes out their leather belt and strap / whip her mercilessly and then when she's tired, all of them f*** her together in every hole that she has ( v*****, a***, mouth, nose, ears ). then one by one put his feet in her mouth for a feet job and after then one by one for a rimjob. Then they f*** her till she has no energy left, then they c** in her mouth, p*** in her mouth , make her drink it, then throw her to the ground, beat her with their feet. Then if any of them want to f*** her again, he does. Until all the guys are tired and leave. And between all that i imagine myself filming all that while she is screaming and crying.

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  • A******... at least go read about India if you can't afford to travel and experience the pace and the culture yourself.

    You need medical and psychiatric help

  • U 1 sik guy. "indians are very famous for rape and torture". all u indians need serious help.


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