Why do n****** smell so f****** bad

Lets take a minute and use this thread to try and figure out why n****** stink so horribly. I'm sure you know the smell.......sort of a mixture of greasy unwashed ass s*** and cheap cologne.

Why do you think it is that they stink so bad? It cant just be their filthy hygiene habits.



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  • Umm, black and white people naturally produce the same body odors, so the smell you are describing is probably the hair products that white society has pressured them into using I'm order to fit OUR beauty standards. Not to mention that skin color is directly related the Mellon in our skin, based on where our ancestors lived - darker skin can handle more Ultra Violet Rays.

  • In order to fit in? Dummy

  • N****** stink because they don’t wash between the big fat thing called a butt

  • Look Its like Zebras Arguing With Eachother Back And Forth In The Middle Of BumFu×× Egypt On A 100 Degree Day.

  • They let off an odor like a skunk. Trying to find out why my piece of s*** daughter favors them soo much. I hate the f****** in my house.

  • Sure Does Seem That Way !

  • All white people gone die in a pile of n***** s*** so shut the f*** up for i drop a load off leave a good stanky pile on yo porch in a bag and once you stomp it out with yo boot boom you bout to stank to have nice night racist mtfs

  • Your a f****** r*****. Uneducated chimp. Go to school,Dummy. Can't understand ya when you talk or text.

  • If black is beautiful then I just s*** a masterpiece

  • N****** don't stink but they do taste like s***

  • I'd keep that to myself. What are you a hoe ?

  • Shut the h*** up you black, greasy ,stinkin', nasty-ass, coconut-headed silverback.....jealousy of whites (cuz ur not) will get you nowhere!!!!!!

  • Luv it f*** those pubic heads .they whine
    And and cry.
    I have never owend one but i still get ridiculed 4 my color.i have been all around this country.
    the dirtest skum Has been in n***** aeras.stoped in a walmart distuing.

    Smelled of s*** and p***. Don't by fast food they might spit in your food. New york city is duisting.stop smoiking crack knockin up those dirty whores move back 2 africa...hoopie goldberg is nothin but a a loud mouth n*****.white power..
    .f*** f*** you swamp running n******.get the hounds out.

  • Learn how to spell you dumb-ass m******f**er.... are you one?????

  • Negative so inconsiderate of other people's noses because of the snow coming off of them is just horrific I mean really do they not smell themselves do they not take a shower before they leave do they take a shower at all smell coming off of them is just so overwhelming that makes me think how impossible it would be to live with someone like that the house could be smelling like armpit onions and cocoa butter that's just so disgusting all niggars should just go back to Africa where they came from so they can just smell each other

  • Agree

  • I agree, I mean did you ever go to the zoo & watch them jigs watching their cousins in the monkey-house!!!!!

  • Porch monkies smell like onion and cocobutter once i was stuck on a bus full of these banana eatin garillas and i couldnt even breath the stintch was so overwhelming i felt dizzy and sick to my stomach i wad thinking to my self i wonder if n****** even know what deodorant is used for because they were not wearing any and now you can see is the grease on their body in their hair it was so disgusting so I made the decision to go ahead and get off the bus and just walked the 10 miles home that's how bad those porch monkeys smelled.

  • N****** smell dog s***

  • Them n****** know.

  • F*** n****** they all deserve to rot in h*** and f****** die

  • F*** a cracker that 30 round makes cracker soup

  • Typical delusional n*****.

  • Did you ever smella piece of s*** ... its the same twins.

  • I hate n******

  • I can't stand n******

  • Dial a N****
    HERBERT Cleveland Moore
    1 808 483 0342

  • Ergh

  • We have this N***** at work that has the most horrible bad breath. No kidding, he can stink up any room in a matter of minutes. He has also contaminated the work trucks ventilation system. It smells even if he's not in the truck. Not even disinfectant could get rid of the horrific odor. It still reaks with the fan blower off. This N****** breath is so toxic it literally gives people headaches, this guy had to buy Tylenol so that he could get rid of the migraines caused by HERBERT MOORE' bad breath. He confessed that he hated to go to the dentist because he was afraid
    of them, I can imagine that the feeling is mutual. This N****** name is HEBERT CLEVELAND MOORE .he lives in Honolulu so all you ladies out there BEWARE he's looking for you !!!!

  • What did you expect he's a gorrila

  • So the blind can hate them too

  • N****** all smell and they all should kill themselves

  • You bout the most stupid mtf alive ??????????????????????????????for n**** haters love u crackas

  • Thay all ready do .

  • The nerve of this person that posted this confession. So, my question is why do crackers/honkies always smell like a f****** wet dog

  • So n****** stay away

  • F*** blackies

  • Evilness

  • It sure beats smelling like a n*****!

  • Easy Tyrone or your going get your shhitt stained underwear in a bunch.

  • So they can smell like your mama!

  • Don't get mad because you are a n*****

  • It has nothing to do with washing or bathing, Most.... most, but not all black Americans are very clean. The smell you smell is just the oils in the skin. Believe it or not us blacks can smell some of you white people too. I've never heard anyone say you smell bad, you usally smell good. But yes it's just the oils in the skin. Oh and I do agree some black Amercans can smell a little strong, but that's not really they're fault. So don't be such a stuck up diii@k. We should all just enjoy eachother and let eachother live life! Geeeeeeeez

  • N****** stink. It’s in their dna

  • It's. The. APE in all of. Them

  • Ignorant whites you
    All make me sick

  • Then why r u n****** still slaves and we r your masters

  • Yo niggity no doubt

  • Its the cracker in you mtf if i go ape s*** aint no calming me down with a banana

  • N***** please! All bark no bite! I know how you chumps ( chimps) roll!

  • Die n*****

  • Yall white mtfs stank like s*** sand paper skin mtfs i once stood near a cracker inside a Wendy's that mtf smelled like mildew burnt the hairs inside my nose Yall stank 2 smelling like a pile of dog s*** and wet left over ass and the sweat that come off you stank like spoil butter milk decomposing s***** bald p**** cat white racist f****** quit holding will work for food signs and work on getting a scientist to cure yo funky ass

  • Poor little smelly n*****

  • Pick your bottom lip up off the ground, tripping Hazard!

  • Yo mama smells like skunk p****.

  • At least we work

  • And your not racist? .. Hypocrit!

  • You must be a negger lover.

  • That smell us there natrual n**** scent, sure it smells like s*** they cannot help it

  • I smell like s*** once i beat it out yo stanky ass white f*****

  • N***** please!

  • Hey mother f*****, I ,heard Africa Smell's real nice!!!

  • Smells like boot lips!

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