Out door s**

I once went nude swimming with my boy friend in a rain forest. There were arrows pointing you to the observation tower, fern forest or water falls. Picked the water fall because it was a down hill trail. It was like walking into a humid wet jungle with occasional pick nick tables at the sides of the trail. It was so romantic, the idea of taking a nude swim was to much to resist. Found no one on the way down, so why not shed our clothes a go for a refreshing dip. I remember enjoying the swim and watching my boy friend walking out and getting dress. I also remember him laughing, walking away with my clothes and forcing me to walk up the trail, layed over a pick nick table and gave me the best oral s** I ever experienced. I was cold, wet, naked and embarrassed but his hot tongue soon took care of that. I remember him pinching my nipples and sucking my c*** and having the best o****** in years. So hot a h**** I completely forgot about getting caught. We didn't discovered humiliation can also be very arousing.

Apr 14, 2015

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  • I have done that many times with my boy friend. Nude swimming and quick f**** under the trees. He also liked walking away with my clothes and making me walk after him stark-naked. It sexually aroused him to see me out in the open naked, worried about being caught and desperate to get my clothes back. It was a form of sexual play that got us both sexually aroused. Usually ended getting f***** against a tree and having wonderful o******, thinking about getting caught in the act.

  • Oh my! I can almost visualize it!

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