Average age of people having s** for the first time?

What is the average age that people have s** for the first time. Some people at school have had s** by the time there 13 but I'm 17 and I want it so bad! I've had s** with a friend which I know is a bit odd but he has a girlfriend and I want someone of my own. How do I get a boyfriend? I'm quite shy but I want to be really dirty and I want to do all sorts of naughty things. Will people think that I f***** a freind on my first time is wired? Should I say that I've had s** before if they ask? I've only had s** twice and I'm so tight I even bled a bit from last time as my freind has a really bad d***. And if the boy is a virgin will he be naughty and will he want to do really naught things with me?

Any advice would be really good :)

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  • I had my first with an older by when I was twelve. He sucked me off. I wish my first o***** had been with a girl but it wasn't

  • Hi, i'm 18 and kinda shy too, i don't have a girlfriend so this is more just from a common ground sorta opinion as apposed to someone who has more success in that area.

    But from what I've experienced from both friends and my own opinion, i'd say just be open and honest about previous experiences, i think once someone is just honest it lets other peoples guard's down and they can subsequently be more open with you

    and also speaking from experience, a guy, even if he is a virgin, will not be afraid of trying some of the dirtier stuff. always check with them first, like i said be open and just ask them but from my conversations and from what i would do, most guys will be willing to try at the very least, but they also will have there limits so depending how far you want to go with it, you may have to work up to certain activities

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