Karma's a B****

I was a chubby kid who got picked on a lot. The popular girls always used to tell me I was fat and ugly, that my clothes were dorky and that I'd never have a boyfriend. They'd tell me I couldn't talk to them, and they'd throw rocks at me as I walked home from school alone. I'd go home and cry, hating myself, wondering if they were right about me.

My mom always used to tell me that bullies at school were mean because they were jealous. It was one of those nice lies that moms tell to make you feel better.

Here's the thing, though. I don't Facebook stalk any more than the next person, but when I do, it's almost always people who were mean to me in school. Looking at them now, every single one of them is fat and poor and stuck in that s***** little town where we grew up with a couple of kids with absentee fathers. Meanwhile, I grew up to be really pretty and in great shape, I've got an excellent job and an apartment in New York where I live with my fiancé who makes me very happy. My life is pretty sweet.

Maybe those girls weren't jealous of me, but they should have been.

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  • You where just as mean and awful to the fat dorky kid who fancied you. Now he's probably either a serial killer or he killed himself in later life and that's partially your fault along with all the others who where mean to him and it sounds like you know what that felt like so it makes it worse what you probably did. But you won't know or care as all your interested in seeing is what happened to the kids that where nasty to you when you where little, I'm happy for you that your life is better then there's, but spare a thought for the fat, dorky, not so popular kid who fancied you!

  • I was bullied in High school too and the thing I see on facebook is that the bullies successful financially though they are have been married two poor three times and they have to support children they no longer live with.

    Bullies enjoy their petty torments and when the only people around is their own family they bully their wives and children too.

    They make decent money but spread over alimony and child support many of them live a hand to mouth existence.

  • You're obviously full of s***. If you really were bullied the best thing you could possibly do is GET OVER IT. Leave what happened to you in the past where it belongs. Don't facebook stalk. Move on with your life. Maybe one day you really will have that life you claim to have now but I highly doubt you're truthful about your state of affairs now.

  • If it's true that's great.
    How did you come to be here?

  • C*** smoking s**

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