Vacation - Nude Beach

A few years ago I was on vacation in the Carribean and the resort I was staying at had a small nude beach. They had rules posted which were NO CLOTHES, NO CAMERAS and NO CHILDREN. There was no one from the resort stationed at the entrance but they came by every hour or so to make sure the rules were being abided by. One time two women, who apeared to be friends, were on the beach with one being topless and the other still dressed. The staff came over and told them to get nude or leave. They argued and refused and were escorted off the nude beach. For the week I was there it was basically just me and two other couples that used the beach and we became beach buddies. We all were nude, me, the husbands and their wives. I had my smartphone with me and secretly took pictures of them. I have quite a few pictures of the wives and those pictures leave nothing to the imagination. Some of thier tanning poses makes them appear to be posing for a p*** magazine. I was just going to keep these for my own purposes but recently one night after a few drinks I decided to share with others and posted them online. Most don't show thier faces but with the ones that do it is very easy to piece together which body part goes with which woman. I feel like I broke thier trust but then I think that if someone goes nude in public it is a risk they take. For all I know they may have pictures of everyone too because I did see them with smartphones too.

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  • Let us know where we can see these pics

  • I wouldn't worry about it...

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