What a f***** up party 2

Before i say my final confession, i urge you to read my previous confession, "What a f***** up party" so you can get a little background on me. If you already read it, then please read on.

So my birthday was a couple days ago, and my friend said that he was gonna f*** me as a present. Exciting right, yea i thought so. So he has an older brother right, who lives in a house his parents own, but don't live in. So its technically his i think. Any ways. We went to the store to buy condoms for the night and had this whole argument on what size to get, lol. We went back, turned on the TV and my friend started to smoke a hookah. (I gotta able them) 1,2,3 are my friends. 1 started to smoke. 2 said to me "Were gonna give you a gift soon" Now hold on, we? 3, who is the older brother, 17, said " Y'all are faggots for this, but whatever. 1 laughed and said "F*** off, he's 15 now, he's old enough, aint that right" I laughed a little, but got more nervous as time went on. Blah blah blah, later on. It gets around 11:13ish, or 12, doesn't matter. I was laying down on the floor watching RoboCop, then 2 came up and yanked me up off the floor. He's a big ass lineman, so is 1. He carried me over to the bedroom, where 1 was waiting, no pants or anything. 2 got undressed, blah blah. 1 said "2s gonna f*** you, while i f*** your mouth". COOL! So i start with 1. Started sucking and stuff. Then 2 came behind and grabbed me. I nearly cried when he started to put it in. ( How do p*** stars take it so well? it hurt so much!) So it hurt, i asked him to slow down, he didn't. 1 already cummed in my mouth. and so on and so forth. 2 kept humping me until he came. Weird though, you can feel when a guy c*** inside of you. He finished, kissed my and said, happy birthday. i wiped away my tears and said thanks for the gift, next time don't be so rough. He said, "Cmon, Linebacker like you should be able to take it" So that was that. Im still not Gay. i promise, i am just h**** all the time, thank you for reading this. Im not gonna do any more a*** any more, hurt to much, again thank you. good bye and goodnight :3.
S.J.P .

Apr 18, 2015

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