Help... My wife doesn't want to s****!

I am a 28 y/o man, been married for just over 4 years now & ever since having our first child nearly 3 years ago, my wife has gone off having s** with me.
I love her & I try to understand, but I just don't!
I'm athletic & keep myself in good shape, so why doesn't she want to s****??
I am ashamed to say that I have thought about getting some elsewhere, I know it's wrong, but I have such strong urges! Some days I just want to s**** all day long!
I have these fantasies about meeting a stranger & just ending up alone together, all we both want to do is s**** each other good & proper! I'm craving someone who just wants me in that way after so long without having that!
Is this bad of me?

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  • I wish we were neighbors mmmm

  • You've failed to mention the fact that your wife is due to give birth to your second child in 5 days. Also that she has a very painful pelvic condition rendering her disabled. Perhaps you should be talking to her instead of telling the whole world you are wanting to have s** with someone else.

  • You forgot to mention your wife is having your second child in 5 days and has an extremely painful pelvic condition rendering her temporarily disabled. Perhaps you should be talking with her instead of telling the world you want to go have s** with someone else.

  • I am a women in a s** less relationship as well so it's not just you guys I have considered getting it elsewhere just can't find it in my heart to do so p*** has become my very best friend might want to make it yours to good luck I hope she starts putting out

  • I had a similar problem and read a comment on another site and followed the advise of a man whose wife was turned off to s** after a child.
    I sent my wife a "certified, receipt returned letter" (returned to my private PO box). In the letter I addressed the fact that s** was no longer a part of marriage and when it did occur is was a result of my begging and begging. I told her since she was no longer fulfilling her marriage obligation that I demanded a physical, or emotional evaluation to determine her justification for not fulfilling our marriage contract.
    She was irate when she got the letter and would not speak to me for several days. A week later, I sent a second "Certified letter- second request" demanding within 7 days of the receipt of that second request an explanation as her refusal to seek professional assistance in resolving her problem.
    I got home that evening she had dinner and wine on the table...she sucked my toes, nose and elbows. We had s** every morning and evening for a week. At the 7th day I sent a 3rd certified letter thanking her for once again fulfilling her marriage obligations for s** and asked for the written professional report as to why I had gone without s** for almost 2 years... considering the last week was like a honeymoon. I wanted to insure whatever caused the prior problem was diagnosed, treated and eliminated.
    She went nuts with the last letter and a few days later moved in with her boyfriend...because her attorney told her she would never get alimony as a result of those letters.
    A wife who looses interest in s** either has a physical, mental, emotional issue... or she is getting satisfied outside the marriage bed. Regardless, doing what that other man did forced our issue to the surface and protected me, the innocent party.

  • Hmmm, interesting idea, thanks very much!

  • Sexually distressed men...quite a common thing nowadays. Can women give us some insights into what they want us to do?
    If three or more of us can pour our hearts out in open, then we got a problem....

  • I know exactly how you feel I'm in the same situation only I've found someone else. I know it's wrong but my situation doesn't allow me to just walk away and I'm only human I need affection too. The guilt will be hard to deal with at first and it gets better just make sure you are discreet about it.

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