I made my husb have s** w/ our neighbor bcus she was so h****

I suggested to my neighbor that she have s** with my husband since she was so h**** and her husband left her to fend for herself. I have to listen other talk about how h**** she is and so, being the empathetic person I am, suggested she use my husband. They are doing it as I type this, and it sort of turns me on thinking about them two... I know I'm a little crazy but am I stupid??? I can't ask any of my other friends except one and he's an exboyfriend that is like a brother&soulmate rolled into one. Has anyone else done this or been ok with this happening and if so are you still happily married? How did your husband deal with being used?

Apr 22, 2015


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  • Look up cuckqueen & cuckcake. This is you. It is OK to get excited to do this. You both can be happy about this. Let her & him know you got turned on by this. This can be made to be fun. Ask her to order you to watch her f*** your husband. It is hot to hear your husband say, "Her p**** is better than yours.'
    This is talked about more today than years ago.

  • My wife had to have a hysterectomy which really messed up our s** lives, and she never really ever recovered her sexuality.
    So rather than be miserable, I just quit trying, and we became celibate. But, we cared for each other and in every other way we are perfectly compatible.
    One day after about two years of solo sexuality, I came home to find my wife and two of her lady friends sitting in the living room.
    My wife asked me to sit down, they wanted to talk.
    Imagine my surprise when she told me the ladies were there to take care of my needs.
    I tried to protest a bit but she was having none of it, when the women took off their tops, I gave in.
    The one is single, the other married but says they swing so it is OK.
    So while I am in the bedroom with one or the other, my wife in in our living room on her computer.
    It sounds strange, I know, but for us it is working, at least so far.

  • Not weird at all. My fiance and I swap with other couples and it's just as hot for her to watch me as I feel when I watch her. Just bearing it in the next room would do it for me too. You're never 100% sure how you'll feel until it happens.

  • Have some girl on girl time with her yourself. I am having an affair with a playgroup mom. We both love our husbands and want our kids to grow up with two parents but we are doing thing on the side. Its so wrong. Its hot. I spend my day think about it.

  • My wife and I have a female gay friend who wanted to have a baby. One day we were sitting round and jokingly my wife said you should just get me to f** you. I was amazed as I would never have thought to suggest it because of marriage vows and concerns that my wife would be jealous.

    Anyway this took on a life of it's own. There was discussions about whether it should be me or several of her male friends and what should be done if the baby ever wanted to find their bio dad. What about if she changed her mind and wanted child support.

    In the end I did not do it but the kinky thing was that my wife did not seem concerned.

  • I did the same thing. I never could stay out of it and kept turning it into threesomes. I've actually decided that I am bi and my hubs doesn't mind as long as the other girl is bi also.

  • Its not unheard of... my wife did the same thing. She asked her best friend who happens to be our neighbour too to "Use" me. She also got turned on just like you and we've had 3some many times since. Once in a while I still get "used" by her friend. It's all fun. If you all are mature to handle it, have fun!

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