I told an ex girlfriend's mum I used to w*** in her panties

This is a genuinely true story.
when I was 16 I started seeing a girl, her mum wasn't any thing special just a normal mum type.

then one day my girlfriend took me into her single mums bedroom and she showed me her mums p*** stash.

she had tons of mags and a few films, straight away I found this a real turn on,

About a year later I moved into their house on a temporary basis.

i couldn't wait to be home alone, I didnt have to wait long because I wasn't working
so every day I would go into her mums bedroom for a good w*** I loved it,
I would wrap her knickers around my c*** and lay naked in her bed wanking off reading her p*** mags
I would also spy through the bedroom keyhole and see her getting undressed for a shower when she got home from work

I loved to w*** while watching her completely naked walking around the landing.

Then one day I found her s** toy in her knicker drawer, I used it on my c*** and would always leave my s**** on it for her.

I would always leave s**** in her clean panties too.

I was a real perv, I didn't really fancy her I just loved being a dirty teenager.

anyway I ended up splitting up with the girl, I missed her mum more than her,

all that was 20 yrs ago, but ive never forgotten how much I loved

a few years ago we all became friends on facebook,

Then one night after the pub I thought it would be a good idea to send my ex's mum a message.
I started by saying thanks for letting me stay for so long,

then I got a bit carriedaway with my self.

I stayed up for hrs writing and telling her how I used to read her p*** mags,
I got so turned on at the thought of her knowing what I had done
I carried on writing and I told her I would always use her knickers for extra excitement.

I told her i aways fantasised about being caught in her bed naked with her knickers on my face, and as punishment I had to carry on masturbating with her watching me.

I thought she's going to love this.

when I woke up the next day I couldn't believe what I had done, I re read the message and was so embarresed, I tried to erase it, but soon learnt you cant earse it once its been delivered.

I remember thinking she's a 60 yr old grandmother now, as if she's going to enjoy hearing that she had a pervert staying at her house going through her private stuff every day.

the next Saturday I wrote a long apology message, and she messaged me back saying "not to worry darling"

I knew then she had enjoyed my dirty confessions.

a few weeks later I asked her If she would mind getting the odd message from me.
she said "thats fine hun"

So every Saturday I would write her a message, I told her everything from the spying to the vibrator s****.
each week would be dirtier than the last, in the end I had to make stuff up to keep it dirty.
I said I had spied on her masurbating a few times when she she was watching p*** in the living room, I hadn't, but I had heard her a few times,which was amazing. Last week I asked her to send me some clean knickers in the post, im still waiting though.not even sure I want f*** her, I just love being fithy with her.
Is there any other women out there that would enjoy this?, surely this is very rare for a 60 yr old lady to be this dirty minded.

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  • Great story mate. That’s the sort of thing I would have done

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  • Im sure I'm the person you are talking about, ( maybe not)

    My daughters first ever boyfriend stayed with us for around 6 months when they were still kids, he was only fifteen and I knew what boys of that age are like. (I shared a bedroom with my 2 older brothers for 5 years as a teenager) I'd seen it all!

    I totally remember how it all started... i was wearing just my red nightie and I leant forward to pick something up right in front of my daughters new boyfriend as he sat on our settee.
    i could feel him staring at my b****, i got really turned on by this and i began to play with him. i got on all fours and crawled around the floor i said i was checking the carpet wasn't wearing out, hahaha!!! I showed off my complete b**** to him while pretending not to notice him looking.
    So exciting!!!!
    It made me feel like a woman again, I'd been a divorced single mum for a few years at that time.

    I knew it was totally wrong to do this to a 15 yr boy, but I couldnt stop myself.
    I'd often let him see me walking around in just my underwear, that was a real thrill. Im sure we both enjoyed that.

  • Yes what teenager would not like looking at you like that mmm

  • Love to wear sniff your panties.momspantysniffer

  • Ah wanking confessions. When I went to university I boarded at an old ladies house. One day i had a wet dream so my PJs were creamed. She put a plastic cover on the mattress under the sheet. It was slippery and crinkly. It was amazing I sometimes used to sleep right on that plastic sheet

  • Try spanking. You can soak her or she can spank you whatever turn you on

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