Is she looking for s**?

I have a neighbor 2 doors down, an older gal who I find unattractive yet she has a very sexy athletic body for her age. We're both in our mid 50's. She's married to a disabled man. I've noticed for a few years how she looks at me and how she can't be friendly enough and always praises me when we have conversation. She knows my wife and I split a few years ago. She goes out of her way to greet me. When she brought me a bag of cucumbers from her garden one day, it made me wonder if she was using them as some kind of sexual conversation starter, it was a really weird moment. I'm a bit confused if she's looking to have s** with me and I'm not sure how to approach the sexual side of her since I have very limited sexual experience with women other than my x wife. I'd really like to know if she has a sexual interest in me, how can I find out if she wants s** with me?



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  • Invite her over for a drink and see where it goes.

  • I am a disabled man and I actually have a great wife but I know I can't satisfy her sexually and I encourage her to have s** with another man preferably with somebody we both know and I know he has o****** the only thing I ask of her is to fill me in with the details of what happens SO IN YOUR CASE I WOULD DEFINITELY GO FOR IT BECAUSE SHE MIGHT BE A BIT SHY SO JUST HAVE FUN we also are in our 40s

  • I would love to fill her dreams.

  • Just ask her over for some drinks sometime. Or ask her if she has any free time to come hang out. You should know the vibe right away once you are alone with her at your place. Make it happen.

  • Ask her to be sure. u need to be f****** some p**** for sure

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