I wish all athiests would die

I wish all athiests would die

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  • gutted on the OP cause i am still breathing ;D

    that confession wasnt very nice, was it? i dont think baby jesus would be proud of you :')

  • ^Amen!

  • SERIOUSLY!! You're just jealous because we have NO BOUNDARIES! If we want to f*** thy neighbor, we f*** thy neighbor!

  • We wish a******* such as you would die. You sick f**** make life worse for everyone else.

  • lol on you he doesn't exist

  • yeah because you can't out smart God. LOL

  • the person who's counting on the death bed confession better hope they don't get killed quickly ie car crash, shot in the head, blown up or suddenly drop dead for no reason.

  • lol make up some more holidays I could use another day off


  • I also think they should die because they proclaim the don't believe but practice every religious holiday. Hypocritical BS. Die mother f******.

  • LOL It is okay, I am sure they feel the same about you!

  • They should die because they are all self-centered b******. ME ME Me.....f*** em...

  • Why? I wish all rapists, child molesters, and serial killers would die. . .we just can't always get what we want!

  • Got this one covered. A quick deathbed confession and acceptance... and I'm in!
    ... and I get to have a LOT more fun than you! HA HA

  • We WILL die, just as you will. The difference is, we don't make up a bunch of crap to deceive ourselves, trying to avoid facing that inevitability.

  • Go die as well. Fucktard. =)

  • Hey thats fantastic for you.

  • third person, you failed miserably at trying to appear well informed.

  • if you wish people died then you are athiest as well cause people that believe in god know that god is love and doesnt wish death upon no one

  • So . . . you wish that part of god's creation would die?
    How do you think God would view you for making that judgment?
    Isn't that God's place?

  • people are allowed to BELIEVE in whatever they want, or NOT BELIEVE in whatever they want. Just because they don't believe in the same thing as you, doesn't mean they have any less right to live.

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