My Wife's Past S** Life is Killing Me

My wife and I have been happily married for years and have two wonderful children. About three months ago she made a confession which absolutely shocked me... she had participated in an orgy when she was in her early 20s. I knew that my wife had a fairly long-term relationship with another man before she knew me. We weren’t exactly virgins when we married, but I never expected this from her. At first I though it was some kind of joke, but it wasn’t. She said she had gone through a wild streak during this time in her life, and one New Year’s Eve she found herself invited to a ritzy party overlooking the Hudson. She said that the atmosphere was “loose and sexy”. One thing led to another and there were only two women left at the party during the early morning hours, and you guessed it, she was one of them. She said that she and the other woman had s** with ten or more men, she couldn’t be sure of exactly how many, because she was bombed out of her mind most of the time. Some time after that she met the other man I mentioned, and she settled down. She can’t fully explain why she did it. She says it was a combination of things; the moment, alcohol and drugs, and youthful excess. She says she has never done anything like that since then, and never will again, but I can’t get rid of the thought of other men taking turns plowing my wife like a cheap w****. Should I let bygones be bygones?

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  • You need to forgive her and be okay with it. I used to do drugs (meth) in my late teens had been in a few orgies that sprung from drug parties--you do crazy s*** sometimes when you're wasted.

  • At least she was honest with you about this. But still, she should allow you a free hall pass for a month. Just saying.

  • You are a combination of what you've lived. Dump that s**** w**** c** bucket. Realize that all women are whores that are good for f****** and not much else. Dump her ... Be a good father to your kids but don't belittle yourself by letting this w**** get away with selling herself as something she's not. Next time your sweet bride makes love with you picture those 10 men dumping there loads all over her. Bet they still laugh about that cheap w**** to this day.

  • I'm only on here reading this crap because my wife lied and said she slept with 4 guys total in her life including me. Just recently I found out it was 5 including me and she doesn’t remember the name of the guy she forgot to add the first time I asked (which I think is BS). Long story short, I feel stupid now for being mad at her because this dudes situation is F***** UP LOL. Damn now THAT chick is a w**** hahahaha

  • Life happens and people do crazy things sometimes. I've been in A.A. and there's loads of people that did some crazy s*** in there...and some of them are still doing it. If the wife's genuine about being good (Re;Integrity and fidelity with your marriage) then let the past go.

  • You are very immature and are risking her never being honest with you again. Be glad she has opened up and shared this with you. Don't punish her or yourself with your immaturity!

  • Yes, let bygones be bygones. She wasn't your wife when that happened. Let it go. She isn't sure what happened. Everyone has baggage, including you.

  • S*** what the f*** let bygones be bygones. I bet if a man led a women into Marriage saying he was wealthy beyond imagination then let her know a year later that he was actually living off a small inheritance and it was all gone and they were going on welfare cause he doesn't like working she'd dump him so fast your head would spin. She does the equivalent and we say let bygones be bygones. ALlL WOMEN ARE WHORES WHO SELL THERE BOX FOR MONEY .

  • Are you kidding me? Get a grip, dude. First of all, what she did prior to even having met you is none of your business. Secondly, she participated in an orgy. So what? You ask if you should "let bygones be bygones." Do you really have any other choice? You can't change the past. Do you plan on holding this over her head the rest of your lives? Giving her the cold shoulder? Leaving her? Whether you choose to accept it or not, your wife is a sexual being who decided to take on a bunch of d****, one drunken evening in her youth. Get over it.

  • Why would anyone want to catch HPV from this worn out c** dumpster ?

  • No don't hold it over her head. Dump her on the side of the road like the guys who dumped there loads on her. W****

  • F*** you j*** off. Your obviously a man w**** who was at the party I bet if you bought a car and found the mileage was rolled back you'd be screaming your head off. She rolled her mileage back. She didn't give him the opportunity to decide if he wanted to marry someone like her the real her. Now he's trapped a******. You make the choices you want for your life and don't judge others who were defrauded. Yes he is financially and emotionally tied to her for the rest of his days and he was defrauded.

  • Let it go. In this day and time its not easy to find a virgin to marry. Most virgins aren't worth having when you do find one.

    Be glad your wife isn't a prude.

  • No, she is s c** dumpster. Given a choice between c** dumpster and prude, I'' take the clean prude.

  • There's a huge difference between a prude and a who're jerkoff

  • I'd dump her, why should you be the guy who wife's up the c** dumpster. Look after the your kids. Perhaps one or two of the ten guy's who plowed her that night will look after her now. She seemed to like then well enough.

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