A young man and his friends dog

I went down on a dog when my girl friend was at work. Being a male I loved seeing women with dogs. So after many hours of studying women giving dogs bj's I laid the dog down and rubbed him gently until his c*** showed. I made him c** fast with my lips and tongue. When he came I felt so weird but h**** from hot c** hotter than my own sliding down my throat. I did it one more time then called it quits. My girlfriend never found out but we eventually had a great time with her the dog and me. :)



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  • You say she deserves better but he said she ended up fun the Dogg too. He liked it she liked it and the dog liked C****** as well. I'm failing to see a problem.

  • What the f*** did I just read.. U need help?!

  • You are a very sick, disgusting, diseased f***. And your girlfriend deserves much better.

  • U should let the dog f*** up up the ass too. it's great!

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