Bi s** affair

Ok i am a married white male. My wife knows i am bi and has let me be with other men before. But a month ago i responded to an ad lonely black male. He was not getting s** at home and was emailing him and i just started work from a new company and was off most of the day. I decided to meet him in public and we were talking alone in his van and next thing i know we were in the back having s**. It was a rush to have s** in a store parking lot in the afternoon. It was his companies work van and i am sure it was moving as he was pounding me but no one said anything. He had a cover up so no one could see. Did not plan on having s** but did. And did not tell my wife. Almost every morning after my wife left i would sext him and then we would have phone s** and a couple times a week go meet in public and have s**. Truck stop wooded area and abondoned store lots. Then one day we were beside his van having s** on a tarp he had me lay down spread my legs and i felt his tongue go in. I mean i felt his tongue lick in and around. It was incredibly erotic. I loved it. And i admit i started to have feelings for him so one friday his wife was at work and mine was at work i kind of invited myself to his house. I was to come after he put his kuds to bed and we have s** in his garage that had an old couch. Well i got there made sure his kids were asleep we began our f*** and suck session and i decided to take the condom off as i was giving him oral and swallowed. We had s** for the rest without a condom. But during a*** i kissed him. Not sure why i just did. Well i left and have not heard from him since. Aside from the a*** s** i loved the tongue in my ass. Still not sure what exactly i did wrong but i wished i would not have kissed him.

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  • Ana amazing love story. I hope you are able to continue this relationship with your lover.

  • My cousin's husband came home and packed his stuff. Told her he was leaving her and their 2 children. On the way out the door he left her with this little gem "oh and by the way, you may want to go see your Dr."

    A little over a year later she died.

    True story.

  • Oh yeah buddy f*** dat ass!!!

  • I think this is one of the sexiest posts I've ever read here. I think what you did was wonderful. And I hope you won't let your lover go without making further efforts to maintain this very hot relationship. Please keep trying!

  • Yuk. Not my thing

  • You didn't do anything wrong. Certainly there was nothing wrong with kissing him, and showing him affection (I mean, Jesus, he inserted his tongue in you). I suggest that you just call or text him and let him know you were thinking about him, and ask to meet him again. Pretend that nothing happened, because . . . well, nothing happened. Don't mention that you were worried about the kiss. Just make it business as usual. It sounds like you found a like-minded lover, and you shouldn't waste it on needless worry. Enjoy!

  • Are you f***** in the head? He did nothing wrong by CHEATING ON HIS WIFE, and having UNPROTECTED GAY S**?? He needs to get himself tested before potentially putting his wife, whom he has betrayed, at risk of an STI.

  • Please try reading the original post again. His wife knows about his sexuality, and permits him to date. The fact that he had s** wasn't the issue; it was the concern about the lack of contact from the lover, and the possibility that the kiss may have seemed too intimate to him, not that the wife would have been surprised by his having s** with another man. He's bisexual and he made love with a man (very skillfully, it seems). He did nothing wrong.

  • Bullshit. Read the post - "Did not plan on having s** but did. And did not tell my wife". More importantly, unprotected gay s**, which is very risky.

    The key problem is that he's cheated and potentially exposed his wife to STI's, so yes, he is very much in the wrong. I don't give a toss what he might think the issue is - it's a vile act to put someone's health at risk because he can't keep his feelings in check.

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