My job sucks

I suck at my job.

Dealing with a fairly complicated matter at work. It is very much delayed, and now everyone is antsy and me. It is partially my "fault", but not as what they pin on me.

Now the work is almost done, just some final matters to be attended to. Except, I get totally conflicting information on what needs to be done. And with that, a simple thing becomes blown up to a big issue, and I am blamed for frustrating the matter. So damned if I do, damned if I don't.

I am overwhelmed. This matter might be a tad too complicated for my level of experience. My other work is suffering (and usually the quality of my work is decent). I feel incompetent. My health is suffering. I am just so tired all the time.

I think My boss understands, but, I fear I have ruined the reputation of my company, at least to these people I am dealing with, and it sucks.

I want to quit my job. But it's bad form to quit just because something is hard. I really need a break.

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  • Hey mate. Feel bad for you. Keep the boss informed. Ask for help. Ask for him to check your work that way he or she gets to share the pain. Do physical exercise like go for a run or swim at lunch. Finally a supportive home life helps.

  • Yes, a break is what's called for. Even a couple of days vacation time, if you have it accrued. You seem like an intelligent person (judging by your writing), and you're obviously dedicated to both the job and getting things right, and those are all attributes that are increasingly hard to find these days. So, once you get beyond the fatigue of being blamed for things that are someone else's fault (which, I'm afraid, is endemic of the corporate world: it won't be better elsewhere) and can focus on doing your job -- which I believe you do better than you claim -- and not worrying what the a-holes think or say, then you'll be able to better cope with their carping. One day, you'll be a manager, and you'll have people working for you, and then you'll be able to look back at this situation and understand how your then-colleagues feel and how to offer encouragement, and (equally important) you'll know what NOT to do and say. I know this is easier said than done, but get some rest, and ignore the idiots.

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