Stole panties without meaning to

I do have a small panty fetish but I hadn't done much about it. Just liked the way they looked on girls, and how such small material is wedged between their ass and p**** 24/7. We were visiting team for a highschool basketball game. It ended around 5 and I had to do a #2. I went to the boys changeroom but the other team was in there, so I knocked on the girls changing room, double checking but it was after school so I did not expect anyone to be in there. I did my thing, about 10 minutes later I opened the door, and first thing I noticed, steam. I was scared some girls team had started changing and I would be branded as a perv. But to my luck, I only saw 1 bag hanging on the benches. I was trying to sneak out but I saw my opportunity. I took her entire bag back into the bathroom. I opened it to see right ontop, panties and matching bra. Trembling, I closed my hands over the skimpy material. The panties were small enough to fit inside a closed fist. I took the purple lace thong including its 34B bra, I dug deeper and saw a sports bra which I took too. I creaked open the door to be sure and snuck the bag back on the hook. I waited outside to see who came out. It took a while and a girl older than me, maybe 17 came out looking flustered.

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