i love him <3

i love him <3

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  • Hence the reason why guys say I love you

  • LOL ^ I feel sorry for you that your perception of love has been tainted by a gold digger, but not all of us are like that. Instead of saying, "I love you," it is better to show that person with actions how much you love them. . .and to remind them everyday why they are with you!

  • ^ and girls only say it to get a "commitment," aka some guy who will support them financially so they can have lots of babies and watch soap operas all day. (Do I sound bitter? There's good reason)

  • he doesn't love you.

    guys only say "love" to get you to shed your panties.

  • Well he doesn't love you.

  • Does he know?

  • we love him too

  • No you don't

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