I'm a major s***, and I guess kind of a w****.

Every couple months or so I go on a binge. I try and f*** as many guys in a single day as possible. I find them on Craig's list and Tinder and POF and I either invite them to my place for s**, go to theirs, or just f*** in my car. I'm really a stickler about protection, but I have f***** up to 12 guys in one day. Some of the guys offer money, and I always hit them up, I mean if I'm gonna do it anyways, I might as well get rewarded! I like f****** these guys for money, because, I guess technically that makes me a w****. It turns me on to be these strange mens f*** hole. Ultimately I'd like to have a really big gang bang, with like 30 guys at once. It makes me so hot thinking about all those guys wanting my body, and wanting to cover me in their c**. I love DP and DV, large object insertion, fisting, stretchin... All of it. My p**** is magical! I can stretch it out so huge, and it goes right back to its little self. I don't even have meat curtains! And my p**** is still a beautiful shade of pink, even though I've had around 500 s** partners!

May 17, 2015

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  • I go through days where I want to f*** a lot of guys but I'm too much of a wimp to do it. So jealous of you.

  • Whats your username on pof!

  • Honey, that's a myth. Your vajay jay is not as tight as you think it is after having that many men.

  • Where are u located?

  • I'm game what's your number

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