S** with old neighbour

When I was 16 my mum and dad went on a long holiday around Australia, i couldnt go because of college so stayed home. We had an old couple next door and about two weeks before my parents had left the wife had fallen seriously ill and gone into hospital. My mum had been cooking him meals and doing some cleaning around the house to help and mum had made a huge deal about how i had to do it while they were away and took me through the cleaning and food etc.

I had to go over on the saturday to do the cleaning and take him some food to restock his fridge. All my friends had planned to meet up and i totally forgot i had to go over. It had been a hot summer and i was dressed up to hang out with my friends in a flowery skirt and loose strappy top and went to leave and meet them and remembered i had to go next door. I quickly went back in to grab the food and went round to try and get going quickly.

I hadnt thought about what i was wearing being in appropriate and had just got on with it. I was bent over his table dusting it when he appeared behind me. He said something and put his hand on my bum and gave it a squeeze. I was shocked and stunned and just kinda froze i suppose. I can remember my mind was racing and thinking what i should do as he stood there squeezing my butt. He said something, i still dont know what. I tried to respond but couldnt even get out the words to ask what hed said so just went hmm? He obviously thought id said mmm, and hi hand slid down between my legs and started stroking my p****. I froze even more and couldnt even get my head around what was happening, i realised his other hand was now groping my b**** and started to think i just need to run. But i realised my p**** was really wet, i was kinda shocked my body had reacted like that but realised what he was doing felt really good. The more i realised how good it felt the more i enjoyed it and the more i relaxed. Before i knew it we were naked in his bed with me being f***** by a fat bald 70something man and having my first o***** from s**.

His wife did get better and was out of hospital a couple of days later. I have slept with him a handful of times in the four years since. To be honest he has kinda given me a bit of a thing for old men now...


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  • I say bs. The fact that the writer of the story does not know that the word "I" is capitalized, tells me this a child of about 10 years.

  • The thrill gave me a h******.. lucky guy.

  • Very hot story. If I was a young slutty girl I would do this kind of stuff all the time. I would love giving away pity s** to less fortunate people to make their day, week or even year. Keep up the good work

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