Did acid with my bf and had s**

He f**** all my holes. I deep throat his c*** as he thrusts into my mouth which makes my p**** drip, I want him to f*** me so bad. He pushes me down and f**** me rough and hard making me c** over and over, his hands wrapping around my throat he chokes me and I c** even faster. Feeling like his f*** doll, like his own personal s***. He pulls out and rubs my own p**** juice on my a****** pressing his hard c*** against it, I push back and moan as he slowly enters my ass. He starts to pick up speed as he f**** my ass, hands wrapping around my neck as he plunges deep into my ass, choking me again, I c** and even more. I love the way he f**** each one rough, I am all his.

He f**** me in the bathtub pulling my hair roughly and f****** my p**** hard, I am his s*** I want him to have me completely. He pulls out slapping my ass and pressing his c*** against my a****** slowly pushing in and the plunging in deep, f*** yes he owns me. He starts to pound my ass and pulls my hair while I c** again, he laughs a bit and says "you love a*** don't you" increasing in speed as he spoke, my response was nothing but moans and o******, he pulls out spinning me around and rinsing his c*** off in the water, I can't resist I suck his c*** fully knowing he had just f***** my ass. His surprised moan followed by him grabbing my hair and the back of my head he face f**** me, this is exactly what I needed. He f**** my mouth with increasing speed, I gag and my p**** continues to drip as I think of myself as his s** slave, he suddenly pulnges his c*** all the way in, f****** my throat. He holds me there on his c*** as he trembles slightly, he pulls his c*** out of my mouth and then c*** all over my face and in my mouth. He picks up his phone and snaps a picture of me, saying he wants to remember me this way.

He can do anything he wants, I f****** love all of it.

May 20, 2015

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