I crave an older women

One of unfulfilled dreams is to have an affair with an older women (40+). I am in my mid twenties and have a girlfriend. Still, I want the thrill and excitement of an affair, especially with an older women.

I want to take her to away weekends and f*** & s*** whenever and wherever we have a chance. Be it outside during a walk, in the changing room while we shop together or in the cinema.

I want to l*** her p*** and make her c** all time as well as f*** her p**** and blow my load in every hole and part of her body.

A major turn on!!

Someday I will find that women and f*** her brains out!

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  • I did it, I was in my early twenties, and it was with the divorced mother of an FWB. I ended up preferring the mother, and dropped the daughter and got semi-serious with the mother, who was past 40. To make a long story short, we got pregnant. We ended up marrying, with the agreement that we'd divorce within a few years. We both knew it wouldn't work, as she be in her 60s when hit my 40s. No regrets, we even got pregnant one more time during our marriage, though that ended in a miscarriage. We agreed to stay together if we had that second baby, which is why we kept trying until it was too late.

  • I did the same thing. I was 30 and she was 40 hot blonde. Fu cked me dry many times. Even swallows. I miss hitting it.

  • LOL. I have lived out your dream. I am 25 and I f*cked a 42yo co-worker. She's more experienced and she seemed like she never had a c*ck for a decade though she's living with her bf. She's still beautiful and has a flawless skin and looks like at her mid thirties.

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