Random s**

I was home alone as my husband works away from home a lot of the time. I don't have a big s** drive but a bloke came to service our boiler. He arrived early and all I was wearing, was a bath robe. I let him in and took him into the kitchen, I was making coffee and had an overwhelming desire to flash him, I untied the belt and let the robe fall open as t turned to hand him, his coffee. He smiled and said, nice t***, so I dropped the robe to the floor, he lifted me onto the table, got his c*** out and f***** me roughly, he was hurting me as her f***** me really hard but I was enjoying it, he spunked deep int my p****, then pulled out and stuck it in my mouth and I sucked him, it was covered in s**** and my p**** juice. I never suck my husbands c*** but I loved it, he got hard again and spunked in my mouth, I loved it and felt like a w****.
He just went back to working on the boiler and I went and got dressed. When I came back down stairs he had finished the work, I wrote him a cheque, he felt my t*** and said I was a lovely s*** and he wanted to f*** me again, I lead him to the bedroom, hi ripped my clothes off told me to kneel on the bed and f***** me doggy, half way through he pulled out and f***** me up the a***, my 1st and I loved it

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  • So was this a 1 time thing, or does he come over regularly since your "husband works away from home a lot of the time:?

  • I have entertained him one more time. I confessed to my husband and he told me to continue, so when he is home I can share my new skills with him. Do you want the details ?

  • Hubby told me to practise my skills so I contacted my plumber. He instructed me to look tarty, so I got a Basque stockings and suspenders etc. He arrived early evening and by the bulge in his jeans I must have looked good, I got wine and beer, after a short time he told me to suck his c***, I knelt undid his jeans and wanked and sucked his fat c*** he roughly pulled my t*** out of the Basque and pulled my nipples till they hurt, his c*** swelled, he pulled out and spunked over my fat t***, he told me to lick it off, I lifted them in turn licking every drop.
    He then licked my c*** and c*** driving me wild but stopped just as I was about to c** and told me to get him a drink, I returned he got some things out of a bag, told me to lay on the coffee table. He handcuff me and tied my ankles either side and stuck a d**** up my c*** turned it on full, he put heavy clamps on my nipples f*** they hurt I was in agony and ecstasy, he stood over me watching me Cuming time after time, he pulled the d**** out and f***** me roughly spunked in me, untied me and left, leaving me exhausted

  • My hubby rang later that evening and I gave him all the details, he said your are a s*** and I love it, you will have to wear the same clothes she I get home. I know he f**** prostitute's when he is away, so I asked him what he got them to to do, he said "oral and I like them to masturbated and them lick there c****" he then said, he wanted me to f*** a black man?
    It got me wet and I said I would for him. He would be home in 3days. So I threw some clothes on and got a cab into town. The cab driver was Indian and about 30. I sat in the back and forgot I had no knickers on and sat with my legs open, I could see he was looking at me and pulled my skirt up a little si he could see better, we were coming up to a lay by so I told him to pull over as I needed a pee. I went over to some bushes and squat down, he followed me and watched, I could see he had a h******, so I stood went over to a tree bent over and lent against it, he came up behind me lifted my skirt and slid his c*** up my c***, I thrust back onto him and he f***** me, he spunked quickly. We went back to the cab and I told him to take me home, I sucked him off outside the house.

  • I'm the husband, I like my new s*** wife. As soon as I walked on the door she sucked me off

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