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I am a "pedophile". I have never acted on my temptations. but I can't stop fantasizing about young girls. I can't talk to anyone about it. I can't confess to a real person. When I have had the opportunity to act on it, I couldn't help but think what will this do to her in the future? I don't want to hurt anybody and I don't want to cause her emotional problems now or in the future, and I don't want to lose her trust. I hate feeling this way and I hate myself for thinking these thoughts. I am deeply religious and I have prayed and meditated and read every book I can find, but I catch myself thinking about girls I know, even my own family members. Sometimes I wish I could just die, I feel like a complete idiot and worthless piece of trash. I don't know if this post is going to make feel or better or worse, but I'm tired of these thoughts.



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  • It got so bad for me that I couldnt stop thinking about what I wanted to do to little girls and boys.I decided to get help and the therapist helped me a lot but I was so sick that I didnt I would be able to stop myself I got the chance to f*** a little girl or boy so I talked to my therapist and she sent me to a friend of hers she helped me with the paperwork and financing to have myself castrated . I am much happier now.All those nasty thoughts ,dreams and desires are gone completely .When I look at a young boy or girl all I feel is joy for them and I am happy that I made it impossible to use my nasty d*** to hurt them .Since my surgery I am unable to have an erection which is the reason my d*** is getting smaller but that doesnt matter to me now.

  • I fantasize over preteen girls also and im 17

  • Please don't feel this way about yourself. You aren't worthless trash. I mean-- I wont lie it IS bad to like younger girls but It's just you. I'm sorry..

  • Oh my gosh.. Kill urself now!

  • I've read that most pedophiles are like you and never act on their desires. There are no treatments for this disorder and while I loath child molesters I have to feel sorry for a person who wants to do something but they can't and they know its wrong like you seem to.

    Stay away from childrens play areas and try not to look at children in public places.

    Like another poster said get a girl to role play. You might have to pay a prostitute to do this for you.

    Under no circumstances give into this. The consequences for molesting a child are very grim and many molesters get murdered in prison or raped or both. Do everything in your power to resist the urge.

    If you even look at child p********** you'll get caught.

  • How old are we talking here? 15? 16? or more like 4-5 yrs old? If 16, you can just get a young looking 17 yr old and you can have her pretend to be younger to satisfy your fantasy.

  • You are by no means unusual, most men have this fantasy, not really young girls but about girls who have just reached puberty, my partner told me that she had her 1st sexual experiences with older men and so did most of her friends. She told me she noticed men looking at her when she reached puberty and developed b****** and that she liked the attention. She was the youngest in the family and her neighbour was the 1st man to make an approach.

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