I want my girlfriend to be a little s***

She's always complaining that I don't ever "want to" have s** with her, but I've got a small d*** and I have a hard time getting and staying hard during s**. On top of this her ex is jacked and mixed, so his d*** is probably huge. She's had s** with a few more people than me (probably around 15, and I've had actual s** with close to ten girls.) It kind of turns me on thinking about her drinking and being a little closet s***. She gets really f***** up after a few drinks and I bet she's a little w**** when she's drunk and not around me. Her best friend is cheating on her boyfriend with a married man and another one of her best friends also has a guy on the side. She talks like she got around some in high school and was only into baseball players for a period so I'm a little jealous of baseball players.

If anybody wants to kik me about her or see any pics of her add me: SprangBreakForeva

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  • Send some pics of her to jjhal0864@yahoo.com

  • Would you consider sending pics of her via email? yajyaj.yajyaj@yahoo.com.ph

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