H**** af

I'm a 15 y/o female and I'm so f*cking h*rny!! I can't buy any s*x toys so I need other things to use so please someone recommend something to use!

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  • You idiots! Don't you get this is a f****** troll? :,D

  • Off the top of my head, I used to use a squiggle writer pen and the shower head for clitoral stimulation and cucumbers and those souvenier mini bats from the baseball game for penetration. If those are too thick, markers are great and are also a comfortable way to experiment with a*** penetration (sharpies have a rounded end and are a common household item...never use the capped end!). The toy aisle at walmart is also littered with various 'swords' and batons that would work in a pinch, just be sure there are no sharp or jagged edges....remember, your v***** is more sensitive than other skin. Also, toothpaste is a cool sensation for your c***, but I wouldn't recommend penetrating yourself with it as it may alter the ph of your v*****. Those tiny claw clips for your hair make great nipple clamps.You can also order items online and have them shipped discreetly. Hope this helps!

  • Ttok a candle

  • Do you have Snapchat

  • A hairbrush is an option, since you're 15, you probably don't have this, but I'd put plastic rap over the mouth of a beer bottle (so the fluids didn't escape) and secure it with a rubber band or hair tie, and f*** myself with it. Get creative!

  • Deoderant

  • U can have s** with my, 14 y/o boy

  • Pimping out your 14 year old boy, are you?

  • Here is something I could recommend for any 15 year old!



  • Where do you live

  • Dear h****af

    Understand your frustration and luckily there are options for you... Can always ask an older female friends to buy toys for you. If it is not easy then you can go grocery shopping in a supermarket... Cucumbers, eggplants are good option and safe. You Can choose the size and length that would make you comfortable and enjoy

  • I was so h**** at 13 and was naked, rubbing my self when our rott started licking my pussie before I do it I was his. Yes he mounted me and gave me his Knott. I loved it

  • LOL. That's sick.

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