The b**** of steel

Well today being a normal 23 year-old man just walking down the street to go to the tavern to get my dinner at about 6:30 I'm halfway there and then this hot girl is walking behind me I just walk on then in the maximum of 10 seconds I'm floored by that b**** not being doubled over not curled up on the ground but just being on the ground on my knee and hand I get up and slowly turn around while all the men stare at their disbelief that I got up from that in 5 seconds they stay still as I look at them and then I look at that little idiot then say "really...YOU REALLY WANT TO GET F***** UP NOW?!" and I ran after that b**** although I lost that motherf***** but I remember the license plate...a bit

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  • ^Agree.. this post makes no sense at all...

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