I knew I was a ** at 15 (gay)

When I was 15 I my family took a weekend tour of New York and jersey during one night at the hotel I'm in the computer/business center looking on my crush spot page (yeah it was that long ago) so any way the tour guide of the trip walks in he's about 6'2 nice thick build and black and I'm short about 5'8 and a little puggy so we walks up and sits on the computer next Next to me and we have small talk about how I was liking the trip then he looks over on the screen and sees that my profile on Crush spot says gay and then he gets real quiet and then just goes back to asking questions about the trip and things go back to normal until i look over and see he's rubbing on his ** his ** starts to grow now I had watched tons of ** I started kind of early I used to play with child hood friend back when we used to play tee ball but I'll save those confessions for later back to the tour guide so he's rubbing on his ** and then gets up and walks into public rest room across the hall I followed after him almost instantly and met him in the handicap stall he has his ** out it was huge about 9 and thick as ** I got on my knees and started sucking him I had never had anything that big In my mouth I started gagging and getting spit all over his ** making it wet and slippery I'm glad I did because shortly after he yanked me up by my hair and pulled down my pants and bent me over and shoved half of his ** which at the time felt like the whole thing I cried out and whimpered into his hand that he had placed over my mouth he held it there for about a min then shoved the rest in I almost hit his hand off it hurt so bad but he kept pumping harder and harder deeper and deeper using me as his personal ** toy I was in heaven being his slave his propery his young little ** boy I felt him growing in me as rope after rope of ** coated my boy hope I was in heaven and I was a **....

Next Confession

Love my fat wife

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