Rape fantasy getting out of control

I used to have rape fantasy as a child but with someone i really liked and its started again. i so want this guy i love to leave his wife and son and rape me and i want to hit him and really have an all and all out brawling rape with him and I dont know why i feel this way. i feel dirty, stupid and weak and childish and he is way out of my league and yet i want him to force himself on me and i want to hit him around and f*** wildly. is this normal? he has stirred me up so much i just need to let it out. I desperately want to f*** him I desperately want him to rape me forever. and leave his b**** wife. i dont even know why i dont like her when i dont even know her i barely know him. he might be a complete d*******. i dont know what has made these feelings come up. i just want to f*** wild - f*** it out not just fight it out but f*** it out between me and him. i dont know why i feel this way. i just want to be f***** madly by him. i actually love him and i feel bad feeling this way because he is a married and a professional and we are opposites and probably have nothing incomon other then he is a d*** and i am a c***. and i want his d*** in me badly. i am stupid looking for trouble. i love him i keep saying sorry to him. i hope he wont kill me.

Jun 10, 2015

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  • I was raped 3times b4
    my sk y pe is annie price 123

  • Wanna rape you too ;)

  • I hope he rapes you too

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