I had s** with my cousin

For a while now I had a feeling my cousin was attracted to me he would always complement me and give me hints that he likes me but I would just forget about it since he's my cousin. So we took a trip to Pasadena to visit family while we where there we got drunk one night while everyone was asleep and he kept rubbing my leg telling me all these naughty things he would do to me if I wasn't his cousin and i would just laugh and say stop so I went to bed and the very next day we got drunk again and we decided to talk a walk and get fresh air and then he started to hug me and tell me that he loves me and that I'm the best and that's we he grabbed me and my legs where wrapped around him and we started to makeout and he started to touch me all over and that's when I told him where going to far and we walked back to the house then 2 days later on our drive back home we stopped at a chevron got some beers and chilled at a resting area till it got dark and we ended up feeling buzzed and that's when he started to massage my back and feeling up on me taking my shirt off and then we went to his back seat and had the best s** in our lives he even told me I was amazing...I wish I could do it all over again.

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  • Me and my cousin started messing aound with each other at the age of 8 and had s** with each other at 11we are in our late thirties and are still having s**

  • I have started having s** with my cousin since I was 16. She is three years older than me. I am now married and she has a partner but we still get together. The s** is amazing. Thinking about her always turns on. So enjoy your relationship and fantasy!

  • I had my cousin fly up here and we drove back to his home state. I stayed for 2 weeks. It was the worst/best s** of my life. It fulfilled a lot of fantasies for me. He couldn't keep "it" up. He had very homosexual tendencies. He was morbidly obese. He was homely. He was older than me by quite a few years. And I was the first woman to make him c** by mouth. Add in the incest taboo and it covered almost all of my fantasies.

  • You gonna f*** him over and over again till you get married to someone else.You will still be sneaking off to go f*** him. Make sure he does not knock you up.I bet you,you will f*** him again before the end of this month.I f***** a visiting cousin in my house 10 years ago.My wife then made lots of noise over the fact that I was talking to my cousin and wanted to kick her out.I told her I will leave with my cousin.I rented a hotel room,we f***** all night long and she flew back to her state the next morning.I left that wife,gave her the house and everything in it in our divorce( she lost it many years later).She could not have kids and knew it and married me anyway.I had resented her so that incident saved me.I met another woman thereafter and although we are not together or married,I had two boys out of her.My cousin met a nice guy,got married and now has many kids and is happy. Enjoy and best of luck.

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