An old friend from high school ended his life recently. Even though I hadn't seen him for more than ten years before his suicide, I find myself wondering if there was anything I could have done.

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  • Hey MEOW you idiot. No it wasn't your fault.

  • Its not your fault.

  • Seriously? This is the premise of -- and preamble to -- "The Big Chill". Next, someone will recall the time that they were one of six disconnected high schoolers placed in Saturday detention and, while they were there, they learned to understand and appreciate one another's innate differences. And then, that time when this weird girl with a breathing disorder transferred to their school and she fell in love with a teenage-looking werewolf AND a teenage-looking vampire, all in the same semester, and how beautiful and noble and pure her love was. After that, all that'll be missing will be having the whole bunch marooned in space, where an evil baby-monster jumps out of the chest of one them . . . during dinner. We could go on like this forever.

  • ^You are a gigantic d*********. Does it make you feel better to know that you are no different then some relentless immature bully in high school. Feeling safe sitting there behind your computer making fun of someone's honest question. You don't know anyone that has committed suicide and thought for a moment what if? You're pathetic. Grow up.

  • "Honest question"? On THIS site? You think someone happened upon this site looking for encouragement, comfort and support? Please. Spare us.

  • Perhaps poorly presented, ^this^, but nonetheless correct. This is not the place to seek -- or expect to find -- helpful or heartfelt advice. The OP got what was coming.

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