21 and s** addicted


A brief introduction, im an athletic well to do 21 year old, dark hair trimmed beard 5ft 10 blue eyes. I debated about submitting a post but as i frequently masturbait to confessions only fair right?

Im a perfectionest i cant help but gain knowledge on how to please and furfill women. I love older women my last encounter was in a popular bar in picadiliy circus. We entered the club after a few beers i meet her, a smoking hot hungarian chick (34) small in frame big b**** and an amazing a***.

After hours of dancing talking s*** and flashing my cheeky smile, she indicated she had to leave, i convienced her to let me go back with her, on.the train i was holding her close, exploring her slowly with my hands, whispering in her ear how i couldnt wait to try her, straight after kissing her and gently baiting her lip.

She was very welcoming but i couldnt let her have it yet, we enter her room kissing and feeling. I push her onto the bed, just my trousers on, she undoes my zip and removes everything. Revealing my privates, well trimmed hard and around 7inchs. I can see she wants to taste. And god do i want to just ram it down her throat.

I push her back, whisper in her ear, your mine.tonight i kiss down her neck feeling her nipples with my fingers, i go further im sucking and.kissing her t*** while searching for her G Spot with my fingers. I find it shes softly moaning and my d**** dripping pre c**, like a volucher to the sound.

I shoot straight down start rubbing that g spot and now licking and blowing that c***. She arches her back pushing down and squirts, im filth i find it beautiful, i stand up and she greedly sucks my d***. It was so hard not to c** down her throat but i wanted all of her.

I lift her legs onto my musclar shoulders, slowly pentrate going faster slower. In tune to how she is sounding. Shes so wet i can see my d*** shinning as it goes in and out. I switch her over pull her hair slightly, then whisper in her ear as im slowly going.all the way out then thrusting hard in. I want to c** on them t***. She shudders i feel.warmth all round my d***.

I knew i was due, i pull out she turns round willing but legs jelly and i cummed all over her t***. It was so hot. Such a good evening. I love f****** sexual girls. I want a sexual freak to keep with me. Thanks for reading. Essex england

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  • To be fair one of them is most likely a typo. And vulcher isn't spelt how they talk in Essex, there's no need to be such a c*** really. People like you wind me up. Pointing out pretty irelvant things just to feel better about yourself

  • Baiting her lip? with what? a worm?

    and what the h*** is a volucher?

    If you can't spell, enter your posts in something with a spell checker and then paste here

  • Omg i want you!!!! Iam 37 in england

  • Maybe you can, I just created an email message me noddyessex1994@hotmail.com

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