S** to early

I been having s** since i lost my virginity at 11 to a 28 year old woman who's name i never knew i guess it stayed with me becuase it just kept on happening i had s** with women at a young age 12, 13 , 14 and it was this wild crazy s** till i was like 19 i finally did it with someone my age yet it did not feel the same now that am an adult i feel like s** with women who are all out is the only s** i can have

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  • No way you are older than 10. No adult male is writes as illiterately as you. What a shame. You misspell very easy words and I am shocked that you do not even know that the word "I" is capitalized. Disgusting.

  • All out? Like...crazy in bed?...a lot of people wish this was their life, but im kind of sad for you. Being desensitized to s** is horrible, but this is on another level. Take my advice, more than be frustrated with failures, celebrate a past of victory.

    Chances are good you'll find a female freak who will need crazy s** just as much, maybe more than you.

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