P**** size?

My wife's friend saw me naked by accident and sort of laughed at my p€nis, I'm 4.5 inches hard, but when she saw me I would have been lucky to have been 2 inches soft. Was she right to laugh? I'm confused about my size as I thought I was average. Or is it small enough to laugh at?? :(

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  • F*ck that b****!

    Size isn't everything / but sensuality is.

    Psst: I'm a woman it's all about the touching and the c*******; own your other powers :)

  • You're definitely small. Even though your wife hasn't told you, you're almost certainly too small to make her o*****. You can count on your friend encouraging your wife to laugh at it and maybe even cut you off from s**. It happened to me! I'm about the same size and I'm limited to oral. My wife told me that she needs bigger. She has a lot of casual encounters with bar pickups, comes home dripping s****, and teases me because other men are feeling the pleasure of her hot p**** and I'll probably never get to again.

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