Life is a b****

I feel so s***.
The girl I’m in love with and the lad I have a crush on are falling in love. She just came out of a bad relationship that he and I helped her through – the difference is that he is drop-dead gorgeous while my face is long and covered in disgusting acne.
I know this sounds weird – why am I crushing when I’m in love? The answer is that the guy isn’t gay anyway so he wouldn’t go for me and it’s more a case of “Yeah he’s hot but I don’t think we could manage a relationship.” I know that if another guy fell for her I would be just as jealous but the fact he’s the hottest guy I know just adds insult to injury because I can’t compete with him.
Whenever I see them together I get a pain deep in my chest that often makes me trip and lose focus on what I’m doing (I sound like such a cliché). She would never choose me even if he wasn’t in the picture because I’m ugly and she’s a goddess. I also get offensive without realising because I don’t take insults seriously which is incredibly unattractive.
I feel like s***. There is nothing I can do.

Jul 4, 2015

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