Licking up other men's c**

The first time it happened my wife came back from a night out and told me she had f***** another guy, unfortunately by this time I wasn't so suprised. My wife has previously made it clear she loves me and wants to remain married to me, but I can please her in the s** departments. She says I don't have "the right tools for the job" but she still lets me have s** with her for my own pleasure.

So after her night out she wanted me to lick her, no different to usual. Except she didn't tell me she hadn't used a condom so I ended up with a very disgusting salty taste in my mouth, I knew exactly what it was because I have been made to eat my own c** in the past. She got so turned so she came within a couple of minutes. I know our relationship is weird to other people but we both like it, so much so that she f**** guys in our bed while I secretly watch nowadays. She now makes them c** on her and tells them to leave. After they have gone I come out and lick her clean, sometimes after adding my own load first. Last night, she had 4 guys f*** her and then c** on her. This time she called me out straight after, before they had a chance to leave and I licked her clean of 4 guys c**. She was so turned on by their laughing and mocking, I didn't give a crap, even though I had panties on too! She came more times with me licking her p**** clean than she had with the group of guys. I now can't wait to lick her body clean of c**, I don't even care it's other guys' c**. Is this weird?

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  • At night I fantasise about my wife being f***** and me licking her c*** clean. I have always wanted to suck a strapon but lately I think about sucking c***. Especially a c*** that has just f***** my wife. Does this make me gay?

  • Yes, definitely.

  • I think that would be exciting for me also..licking up other guys c** from your body or v***** while they are watching me..i fantasize about doing things like this but haven't because i'm afraid i'll like it to much and wont be able to stop i'd probably beg them to let me suck on their p****'s to...

  • I would love to do this as well. Would like to watch them in action and maybe clean the guy off as well

  • I am a man being married 20 years and yes like you I like to see my wife f***** by other men and I would love to do what meaning lick the other men's s**** out of her f**** but I don't think she would like me doing it but I have secretly tasted one of the guys s**** after he serviced her and like you I absolutely love watching her being stripped I suppose we should class ourselves as "sissy men" but we both like and I am jealous with your wife telling you to do it I just wish my wife would tell me to lick her clean

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