I was s** offender prey....on purpose

When i was younger about 14 i used to love watching to catch a predator and low key it would turn me one especially when the guy was hot and was after a boy i would even go on the s** offender website and look up the men i even beat off to them thinking that what they did to the kids they did to me i got bold a couple times and even looked up some of there addresses and road my bike in my tightest shorts with no undies and a wife beater and just drive back and forth past there house and stop and check my tires bending over one guy actually took my bait and sucked my d*** till my little boy c*** shot a ghost load..... was i sick for what i had purposefully done or did it spark my l*** for older daddy bears ;)

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  • When I was a teen (boy) I had absolutely no idea about the effect of clothes on older men. Totally naive. I used to wear short shorts and walk and ride my bike around the place. Only by luck I never got abused.

    So I am kind of weirded out by your original post. But whatever.

  • Assuming this isn't a bullshit post you could get murdered doing that.

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