I met an ex con who had been raped in prison

I met him while I was working at a mental hospital where he was suffering from depression and anxiety.

I met him in the hospital cafeteria and one day he told me this.

He had been forced to perform f******* on five men who won him in a card game when he first go to prison.

He also had to endure a*** rape.

He told me that as hard as it was to believe he was told he was lucky he was owned by the five men he was forced to have s** with. One of the mens p**** was so large that the leader of this gang wouldn't allow him to have a*** s** with him.

Three of the men were very gay and they also sucked him off and tried to get him to f*** them but he couldn't get it up for a mans a***.

He was a very short thin white man who had been sent to prison for robbery and he was in prison for five years and had to serve five on probation.

The damage to his a*** was treated via an operation but the disgust and horror of what he had to do broke his spirit. He hates s** even with women now.

I don't know how he ended up and for all I know hes still at the hospital.

I got a better job and never returned to the depressing hospital.

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