I fantasise about f****** my mother in law..

I constantly m********* over the thought of sexual activity with my girlfriends Mum. In her mid 50's she looks good for her age, keeps herself fit and always looks good.

I've seen photos on the family computer of her sunbathing topless and b**** are to die for. Rather large with perky nipples.

I've also come across her little s** toy bag which is filled with sexual goodies. My favourite of which is a large silver rampant rabbit d****. The thought of her using it with the tub of Vaseline she keeps by the side of the bed sends me into a hot frenzy and makes me hard instantly.

I love my girlfriend of five years but if the chance ever arose, I'd gladly participate in any sexual activity with her.

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  • As hot as this sounds.........I say you stand a good chance of losing your g/f
    But ya never know.....mom might be a better f... Pick your poison ....

  • Go for it, I've been f****** my MiL for three years now. She's a better f*** than my wife, and is willing to do anything. After s** she sucks me hard and begs me to do it again.

  • Well, more than likely she has the same feeling for you. I would think that you need to push the issue some, maybe make a comment about how well she looks and if you were not dating her daughter you would consider dating her,,,,see what her comeback will be.
    You may be closer than you think. You must remember that she get h**** as well as you and looks at other guys of all ages as possible s** partners.

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