I was masterbating for about an hour before i realised the window curtain was open and someone from over the road might have been able to see me masterbating to p*** and pictures of the guy I like, so who f****** cares i so want to f*** him infront of everyone and that is dirty i guess someday i might just even get it right. well if my neighbors got an eye full i will soon find out i guess. dirty perves. I will just say i was applying vaginal cream creatively and looking at educational movies on how its done I am so naive. ok. or just be r***** over it or deny it and say it was all in their imagination and they are crazy or confess and tell them we are a real couple and get over it it was not a picture or movie he was doing me so what. live stream is great. so what. I have s** with my pretend husband who just happens to be a former association person via medicinal means but what's it to you anyway? given you were the home wrecker and its just a crazy phaze i am going through and love about a dozen men anyway and I have it in me to love many so what. i am waiting for him to either confirm or deny his love and move on. there is always a new one next week jon or travis or omar or imran or some one else tom d*** or harry. who cares! yeh!

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  • I was not allowed to close my bedroom door.

  • Hmm masturbating is fun. I would of loved to see you masturbating your p****. I may be a perv, but i am a nice looking 6'4" looking perv and no one has a clue either how much I m********* watching p***, looking at very sexually attractive women, or even average women I would give the time of the day for. To top things off....I am married, but she's a bore now...she always has something else to do, so I have made my self some time with three different gals for lots of sucking and f******. I have no regrets. :)

  • Go ask the guy across the road for a date

  • M********* and fantasize how you like ! Whatever gets your kink on. Letting people watch can be half the fun.

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