My sexy step mom

I was getting into the shower when my step mom said that dinner was ready so i decided to get a towel and just eat and have shower afterwards....anyway i go to get my dinner and my towel falls thinking this is the worst situation i can be in but my step mom is 37(im 17)but she is amazing she has t*** to die for and a perfect ass i mean perfect.and before i can pick it up she says "thats a great c***"(im about 7.5 inches soft,just below 9 hard)anyway she comes to me and just kisses this point i dont give a f*** i want her so i start to kiss her neck passionately and she drops to her knees and take me in her mouth and i start to ram my c*** in to her mouth and she slides her pants off and lifts her skirt up and lies down on the table so i start to lick her c*** while fingering her...moaning she say please i want your c*** in me come on,so i just ease the head of my c*** in and f*** her with slowly teasing her and then slowly put the full 9 inches in and start to f*** her rough missionary and she says im gonna c** so i keep going and then she starts to squirt(it is so fuckinc hot)and i keep going she squirted about 4 times and then i bend her over the table and keep f****** her and she moaning like a pornstar(i was so happy as i never made a girl squirt before(:) and then she says to me i want ypu to do something for me can you f*** me in the ass now what teenage boy is gonna say no to this so i ease the head in and start lets out a squeal so i stop and she says no carry on so i ease my self in and start to f*** her slowly but she pushing her self on to me she like it rough and im about to c** and go to take out but she puts her arms round my neck kisses me and says c** in me baby so i just keep f****** her hard and unload my self into her and watched it drip out her ass,so f****** hot! i dont know what to do i want to f*** her again and i know she wants it but i dont know how to make the move this happened from dumb luck,help me please


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  • Last night my stepmom came to my door to drop off a few homemade face masks for this damn quarantine. I invited her in for a minute for a quick chat and ended up sucking on her t***.

  • Forget your mother in law if you find it difficult get a little bit of her s**** in a matchbox each time u think about her take it out and smell it

  • So f****** fake

  • Boundary issues much your dad sticks his in there you weirdo.

  • I am 32 Married for the past 6 years and my neighbors son walked in on me coming out of the shower in the pool house I mean I had nothing on just what I was born with and he took me totally by surprise when he stood 3 feet in front of me and formed WOW with his lips as he took me all in,. Felt like he was stripping me even more than I was as he reached out took hold of my hands and pulled me to him and gave me one h*** of a kiss as his body pressed tight against mine I could feel him becoming hard in his pants and it didn't take him long to get stripped and again he took hold of me kissing me every where and sucking on my nipples which was hard as rocks and when he pulled one deep into his mouth kinda hurting but turning me on even more , his hard coc k found its mark and he slowly entered me pressing me against the wall. Deeper and deeper he went into me and before long my movements matched his and we were fu ck ing each other like a pair of wild animals. Wasn't long till he came in me and it felt like a bucket full for it litterly ran down the insides of both of my legs clear to my ankles. My husband never has c** this much and here this 19 year old just filled me more than my puss ever has had before. That afternoon he fu ck ed me twice more each time c****** in me and he still f***** me for the longest time afterwards too.
    \We showered together and he got dressed as I was giving him a BJ the best that I could for I couldn't get all of him in my mouth, just to big and I told his as he was kissing me tomorrow you can come over and we can spend the4 day together for hubby wont be back till Monday late. He gave me one h*** of a kiss as we parted and he asked what time and I told him early and he blew me another kiss. God I never hav4e had such a good afternoon in my whole life.

  • Hot

  • R ur parents work in p*** movie production. U just copied a very cheap short movie script

  • Forget dumb luck, you just gotta find time to be alone with her and i am sure she will f*** you again

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