Sniffing my housemate's panties and listening to her have s**

This year at College on the east coast. I lived with three girls. I'm a guy, but we are all really close friends. We all lived together before with other people too. Anyway, my closest friend is so hot, so are the others but in particular my closest friend, perfect body, and so sexy. Throughout the year, I've been listening to hear f***ing her bf. My room is next to hers. It turns me on so much. I m********* and listen to her. What's more is that when I'm alone in the flat, I go into her room and sniff her worn panties, sometimes I put on her underwear and bras and m********* on her bed. I do this with another one of the girls as well. Also, my really hot best friend, has a vibrator in her drawer, we're really close, she tells me she has one. Once, I used it on my a** and masturbated. Then put it back.

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  • Id try to get caught in action by her.

  • What is the problem?
    You can tell her that you need "S**" and you like her perfect sexy body.
    Did you try?
    Are you afraid of they kick you out?

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